Wednesday, March 2, 2011

10 Months...

The Stats:
  • Weight (at home) - 21.5 lbs
  • 12 month oneies are tight... so we're doing mostly 18 month tops
  • 12 bottoms are still a perfect fit;) Of course 18 month are better with a cloth diaper:)
  • Naps in the morning and afternoon
  • Bedtime 8:30-9, nurse again 10:30/11 sleeps until 5:30... yes!! Sleeps with us until 7:30ish
  • Tooth Count: 5 visible another trying to push through... two on the bottom and almost 4 across the top!

Favorite Foods:
  • Pasta
  • Chicken
  • LOVES mashed potatoes
  • Watered down juice
  • Starting to eat veggies a little more
  • Oatmeal with a touch of cinnamon-sugar
  • Really enjoyed his 1st spaghetti w/ sauce meal this week

New Tricks:
  • While standing alone, he can bend down, pick up a toy and stand back up (amazing balance!)

  • Holding our hands he "runs" on his tip-toes
  • Has let go of holding and taken 3 steps alone... motivation?? sister's cookie:)
  • Putting toys in and out of buckets
  • Clearing out the tupperware cabinet so he can climb in
  • "Ma-ma" and "da-da" or "da-dee" are very common sounds
  • Some other maybe words are "anna" and possibly even trying to say "book" (he was holding one when he made the sound)
Favorite Things to Do:
  • He's a BIG climber and will attempt to climb on anything!!
  • LOves being outside!!! Cries when the kids go out and he can't :(
  • Sit in the swing to watch the kids outside (but he doesn't like swinging very high)
  • Banging on stuff like drums
  • Playing with Chris' trucks... really drawn to a big fire truck Chris has

"Bad" Habits:
  • Stealing our TV remote
  • Playing in the toilet
  • Loves the toilet brush and plunger ... yuck!
  • Digs through the swept up pile to find Cheerios
  • Everything goes into his mouth
  • Yelling at table when he wants food (or more food)
  • Biting my shoulder or leg (whichever he can reach) when he's hungry
  • Laying across the bed... usually head on Brian, feet on me.... not really "bad"...LOL!!
  • Getting stuck in the smallest of spaces... like under Chris' bed
  • Attempting to grab everything he can reach when we get him next to a counter/sink
What We're Watching For:
  • Still has some rough skin spots on his arms and legs
  • Trying to keep him safe... it seems like he bumps his head 100 times a day
  • That new tooth about to come "in"
  • Keeping stuff out of his mouth since it's soooo HARD to get out.. he clamps those little gums
  • Some food is still causing him to spit up??? Just trying to figure out what it is
  • Still isn't clapping his hands???

Momma's Thoughts

This month we went through almost a week where I really was concerned about Nate being done with breastfeeding.... not that it was the end of the world, but I'd love for him to nurse until he was a year old and could make the transition to "milk". The end of nursing is very emotional, it's a very REAL way that my babies "grow up" and I'm soo not ready for Nate to be at that stage... not yet!

Anyway, it passed... I think he was just trying to cut back on the number of feedings and I was just worried too much:) So now he nurses early morning, 9 am, lunch-ish, 3pm, sometimes 6ish, 9ish and then the before Mommy sleeps... aka a "fill up". So it was like 10 times a day and now we're down to 6-7... very normal!

Nate continues to be a pretty content little kid when he's fed and not sleepy. He wanders to find a toy and he'll play for a bit and then wander to find something else:) What makes him challenging is where he wanders and what he tried to play with:)

Nate also loves his crib:) It's actually really nice that once he's fed and clean and almost ready for a nap I can place him in the crib... he'll play for a bit, fall asleep/nap and then play a little more before he calls out for someone to get him:) And I've got to be more disciplined about doing this.... but after his early morning feeding, he is fine with being placed back into his crib. SOme early mornings, I'm just too tired (or lazy or trying to get extra snuggles) to put him in the crib!

I just LOVE my curious little guy!! I love the stage he is in and his antics/messes can be exhausting, but right now they are sooo cute and I am just so thankful he is a part of our family!!

I wasn't very Wordless but you can find some other picture posts at 5 Minutes for Mom, Go Graham Go, To Be Thode and any other linkys I find !!!


Stacey said...

They do grow up way too fast! I think with each child, I notice it more and more.

Is Nate allergic to blueberries at all? Cause Emery's FAV breakfast is oatmeal with frozen blueberries. It's awesome cause the blueberries make the oatmeal sweet, and they also cool it off faster!

I wish I could get her to eat any form of meat, lol. She just loves her fruits and veggies.

Jenny said...

He is so cute and growing up so fast!

Bea said...

My sweet Nate! Loving the pictures as always!!!
Is he still liking avocados??

Babs H said...

So sweet how you have captured sooo much that he is doing now! Good job mom! :)

grandma said...

That little boy gets cuter and smarter and sweeter every day!