Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a Trim??

For months... maybe even a year... we have been talking to Lydia about getting her hair cut! She's 4 yrs old now and her hair has NEVER been even trimmed!!

Why not?? She's been totally against it!! She'd fuss and cry when we'd even mention me or a grandmother trimming the ends, and don't even mention to her the professional hair dressers that we KNOW!

When Anna was younger I finally broke down and brought her to a local hair dresser and it was AWFUL!! It wasn't a good experience for any of us... so I decided that I would WAITpatiently until the girls were "willing" to get their haircut before trying to get it done without them agreeing. Yes, it was that bad!!!!

And since Anna has had her hair cut once, almost 2 years ago!!

Anyway, it's time for the girls to get a trim (at least) and me too;) SO I've been talking it up again!

And finally a "change of heart"!

Lydia has agreed to go to get her haircut with me. She's very confident and certain that she is going to get a trim:) In fact, we've been joking that maybe she is "too little" and she's told us that she is NOT:) LOL!!

She's told me over and over, she's getting "just a trim"! And honestly that is FINE with me. Both the girls have beautiful hair so I'm not about to make her cut it all off;) Just a trim to cut off the split ends and make it easier to care for and healthier looking;)

So TODAY is the Big Haircut for Lydia Day.... I"m hoping to have a fun afternoon with just Lydia (although Anna might decide to join us last minute!!). And we'll see what happens:)

***Pictures taken by Andrea as the kids enjoyed playing ball together before dinner a couple of weeks ago!! Editting is mine... I tried!!


Kayris said...

Maureen is also four and has never had a haircut (except for the unauthorized trimming she did herself last summer). She's very against a trim too, so I'm still working on her. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Drea said...

Cant wait to see pics of the trim!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

They have beautiful hair, but a trim always makes the tangles less and it healthier. I tried growing up my daughter's hair, but took things into her own hands (with a pair of scissors) 4 times now! ((sighs)) LOL


Jenny said...

Yay for Lydia! I hope the trim goes well. I can't wait to see pics.

Craig said...

The first time my little brothers (now 40) went for their first haircut I think they were two. But she's growing up - confidently speaking of "just a trim". This was fun to read. Thank you.

God Bless

P.S. remember it's just a trim.