Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TTT: Teaching Table Manners

Last week at the lunch table (always a crazy place at my house!!) Chris drops a glob of ketchup off his hot dog and onto his shirt.

As I wipe it off with a clean rag I had to get up to get, I VERY sweetly (purposefully sweetly because I am trying NOT to be annoyed) say to Chris, "Ok, Chris what does this teach us?"

Chris responds, "That I shouldn't wear a shirt when I eat!"

grrrr.... LOL!!!

(not much has changed... LOL!! Found this pic of Chris at 6-ish months eating shirtless!)

I actually responded sweetly again as the girls crack up laughing at Chris' joke,"We should eat with our food over our plates."

Like I have said for the 100th time this year:) Maybe one day it will stick and his shirt won't get soo messy:)

Related to kitchen activities, one way to stay sane with a fussy baby while I cook is to stick them in the walker and give them some Cheerios. This weekend, as I was preparing a lunch I got fussy Nate all set up in the walker.

As I loaded Cheerios onto his tray, Brian said," Are you giving him those little landmines?" LOL!!

Then he said something about starting a support group called Fathers Against Cheerios:) Guess he's tired of stepping on Cheerios;) LOL!!


Meg said...

I laughed out loud when I read your husband's comment about cheerios being land mines! That is so accurate! No matter how much I try to sweep, a few strays alays get through and leave a nice crunchy surprise for stepping on later! :)

Jenny said...

LOL about the landmines!

Angela said...

So happy to see we're not alone in the teaching table manners stage! I've learned with some meals it just not worth letting Josiah wear a shirt.

And cherrios must be a universal toddler favorite projectile :)

Shannon said...

That's so funny. We run into the same thing at our house. My response, the same as yours. Eat over your plate. So simple yet so hard to grasp!! Cheerios, today we were going to the library and my littlest is stepping all over them, ughhh! We made it out, but not without me getting a little frazzled. Needless to say still winding down from it!!

lovejoy_31 said...

cracked me up. That so sounds like a child's response though.