Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not a Techie

I can use the microwave, blog:) and send my pictures to get developed at the store so I can pick them up when I grocery shop...

but I am soo not very "techie"!

Don't get me wrong, I feel like I"m on the computer ALL the time, so it may seem like I know "tech"... but I don't! Just as my husband, when I can't get the computer to work, I'm helpless... ha hahaa!

My cell is a cell... and that's it:) I make calls, I have your number saved if you called me... that's about all:) Oh, if I have it with me it's also my time keeper ... LOL!!

But I'm thankful for the bit of "tech" I do have around! It keeps me feeling connected...
Nate talking to Grandma:)

And lets me capture

and share all the sweet sibling moments;)

**Isn't she a great big sister???



Drea said...

oh come onnnn you are techie! :) your just in denial hehe. Kidding!

Love that last pic of Anna, and of course the one of Caleb, Anna and the babies.

Anna btw and ive said it 100 times, looks just like brian! shes so cute!! Shes got a bit of her mama in her too obviously :)

Jenny said...

Cute pics!

Amber @ Life, Love, Green said...

What a great grin that little man has on the phone. Cameras are my favorite bit of tech as well, great shots of the kids.

Alicia said...

You may not be a techie, but you are a great photographer!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your kid pictures. They are just about the cutest things in the whole world!

Are You A Mom said...

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Thanks and have a great day!