Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Having them Close & Enjoying It

I was talking to someone about how quickly the days pass... the days fly by and the kids grow up soo fast.

She chided me about not "wishing away" the days. And I quickly respond back it's not "wishing them away", just wishing there was a time during the day to PLAY with the kids... really enjoy the fun stages they are at.

She thinks it's because my kids are soo close in age (3 kids birthed in 2.5 years, no twins!!).... she's probably right. I definitely was guilty in my early-motherhood days of wishing the kids were older! I wasn't sleeping through the night, had 3 kids in diapers, had been pregnant and/or nursing straight for YEARS and my husband being a full-time pastor while working on a PhD in Philosophy!!

I learned my lesson about "wishing away" the days.... my first born will be 7 in a few months!! How is she already almost 7???

I have enjoyed Nate and Lydia's baby days more since I wasn't expecting another sweet newborn during their baby days. But....

I wouldn't change the kids' ages for the world!!! I love that they are soo close.

I love that they enjoy the same activities and are endlessly making up different stories to "act out".

I love that they laugh at the same parts of movies or that they have silly games/jokes that they play with each other.

I'm learning to embrace the "antics" we have daily, uh more like every moment!!
And ones like these, that make me gasp... he was totally fine, my little acrobat!

I just wish that I could leave the dishes in the sink, the laundry unfolded, the bathrooms a little grimier (LOL!!) and the computer off. Just to enjoy and capture these sweet moments of their youth that are flying by!


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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Time DOES fly! My oldest is 12 now! And my daughter will be in double-digits next year! I love that they're home and we can spend much more time together than if they attended public school!


Meg said...

You are so right! I look at my (almost) two-year-old and wonder where the last 24 months went! Thank you for the reminder that the dishes can wait, for the days are fleeting!

Hollie said...

It does go too fast! Wish I could bottle it up! Sweet photos!

Jen said...

So many cute pictures! I jsut love that last one!

Shannon said...

This is so true. I wish I could leave all of the "duties" alone for about a week and just be mommy. I am terrified to think where my house would be if I did. I just need to do it and tell no one to visit and if they do it's at there own risk. LOL

Dan said...

They are precious! Time does fly by sooo fast. My first is 18yo! But I've enjoyed them all along the way and have forgotten most of the moments that I might not have enjoyed so much. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that last photo! So cute. Time really does go so quickly.

Angela said...

I Know what you mean!!! We're always in the same boat :)But I've found that I love the ages and stages that they are each at. Such wonderful blessings.

The pictures you took are beautiful! I love the first one of Anna, She looks so grown-up! And the last one of Nate just makes me smile!!

I hope you are able to leave the mess and enjoy them. They are wonderful children :)

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Time does fly, and I don't think it's a case of wishing the days away. Quite an amazing clan you have there!

Jenny said...

My daughter will also be 7 soon and it's insane to me! I just can't even believe I will have a 7 year old!