Friday, April 1, 2011

11 Months...

The Stats:
  • Weight (at home) - 21.5 lbs
  • Height (at home) - too wiggly, taller than 28 inches
  • 18 month onesies and tops
  • 12 month pants still fit him best, 18 with cloth diapers;)
  • Two naps - morning and afternoon
  • Still waking in the wee hours of the morning
  • Tooth count - 6:)
Favorite Foods:
  • Pasta, spaghetti
  • Banana
  • Chicken
  • Small bites of chocolate chip cookies;)
  • he eats anything.... as long as it gets into his mouth he'll eat it;)
New Tricks:
  • Walking about 50% of the time!!
  • While walking will stop, pick up a toy and continue
  • Loves carrying toys as he walks... the bigger, the better
  • Looking for stuff after it drops or when it "disappears"

  • Pushing buttons to make his toys work
  • Making eye contact when he "talks"
  • Making raspberries (truck noises) with his mouth, spit included!!
  • Pushing trucks along the ground
Favorite Things to Do:
  • Be outside!!! Loves outside!
  • Play with the TV remote
  • Play with shoes and chew on them!
  • Enjoyed playing with Duplos
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Crawling into the darkest/smallest spaces

"Bad" Habits:
  • Dropping food off his plate that he doesn't like
  • Chewing on everything
  • Still climbing into the dishwasher
  • Fussing (and kicking his feet if sitting) when we have to take something away from him or get him OUT of the dishwasher
  • Climbing behind the couch and knocking over lamps

What We're Watching For:
  • It seems like he hasn't gained anything in the last few months... I know part of it is because he's soo active!!! So I'm figuring out ways to get more protein and fat into his diet!
  • He's attempting to climb on everything... somethings just can't be moved
  • Nursing less.... (Momma's not ready for this!!)
  • Drooling again... more teeth??
  • Enjoying his paci
Momma's Thoughts

This last month has been such a delight with Nate!! He's such a content little man when his basic needs are met. Sure, he gets into EVERYTHING, but he does it happily:)

Part of this contentment is his age and the other part, we think, is his personality:) He has the sweetest spirit and he's quite the comedian as well.... especially if he knows he has an audience:)

It's just soo much fun to see him changing each day, taking more steps or babbling a few new sounds! He's getting older!!

While Nate is changing, it's also soo much fun to see his siblings adapting to his changes;) We've pulled out more older baby toys for Nate and it's ones the kids remember playing with! So it's been funny watching them play on a whole new level. Just the interaction is precious!!

Onto a new month.... the last month of his 1st year!! Oh, it's gone soo quickly but the end of the year is soo sweet as we have a cute, sweet little boy toddling around making messes and smiles wherever he goes;)


Our Side of the Mountain said...

He's adorable! LOVE that last photo! Happy 11 months!


Shelley said...

Love the expressions. What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Awww. So cute. Love that last photo. He is growing up too fast.