Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cute Pic and Gross Antics

My mother-in-love shared this with us!!! What a GREAT photo!!! Thanks!!

Phew, what an afternoon....it started at 2pm (that's a bad sign...b/c it's when everyone is ready to take a nap). The kids were playing in the living room while I was still cleaning up lunch (our kitchen sink is clogged for the 2nd day so we're having to improvised). As Brian was heading out the door, Anna announced that someone had a stinky. Brian called back that he had just changed Lydia and I had just changed Christopher. Knowing that I could finish the task I was working on I said that I'd be there in a minute......

Anna came running back in not 30 seconds later saying that Christopher had a "stinky mustache"???

Somehow Lydia's stinky diaper had been removed and had landed on the carpet, creating quite a mess. And little Inspector Christopher decided to "smell" it and stuck is nose in the mess. When I got to him, he had stinky all over his nose and around his mouth.... EWWWWWW!!!

Leaving the stinky on the floor, couch cushions and couch I grabbed the two little ones and put them in the bathtub. And I called Brian back into the house to help:) In the bathtub, Brian took everything away from the kids....toys, shower curtain.....and didn't turn on the water for safety (we were both busy scrubbing the living room). They had NOTHING to do in the tub....but play with the rest of the stinky on Lydia's bottom......... EWWWWWW!!!

Life with little ones...... priceless :)

Sorry no pictures.... would have been truly disgusting to have the visual but I was dealing with the mess and smell at the time. It didn't even cross my mind to snap a picture of it until I thought of blogging it while I was dressing two clean little monkeys.

But now they are all sleeping and peace (and cleanliness) have been restored.... for now:)

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