Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Busy Morning at Our Friends' House

Andrea strikes again....armed with her camera and a LOAD of busy kiddies!!! Last time she referred to them as Hamsters... this time we're rabbits:)

The cool thing was that we completed a couple of our goals today:)
* Got the Epi-pens renewed :)

* Replenished the Honey Nut "almost Cheerios" supply

* Deposited a check :) But no lollipops :(

* Got the pots painted for Operation InAsMuch. I've hoping for a project for the they "helped" paint the ceramic pots and later this week we'll put in some plants and give them to the owners of the homes we'll be working on, on Saturday! Maybe I'll be able to take pictures of the nursery we'll visit to get our little flowers... it's beautiful there with everything in bloom!

* Had lunch with our friends

* Broke in their new sandbox

* And got their Wednesday BATHS!!!

Andrea, thanks again for the pictures and video:)

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