Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tadpoles Munching

I'm very impressed with my camera's ability to get pretty tough pictures. It's funny, since having the new camera I've often thought about the goal of a picture is to capture what you're actually seeing with your own eyes...... isn't it amazing that we're trying to make something that our eyes are naturally(well some of use wear contacts) able to capture for a moment. Just another example of God's awesome details for His creation!!!

Ok...back to the point of this little post :)

Here is proof of how much the tadpoles like lettuce!! They love munching on it and riding on it:) Can you also see that one of my larger one is really sprouting his legs.... his little legs are so tiny:)

We're hoping to build a froggie habitat outside for some of the other tadpoles.....

BTW..... You can keep our Daddy is your prayers.....we're not sure what is wrong with him but he is laying down for the 2nd day in a row....which is not our Daddy's normal routine at all. Anyway, we think it's a combination of pulled back muscles and possibly food poisoning.... or maybe it's just something that he's caught somewhere....anyway, he feels a little better today than he did yesterday. But he's still in pain, tired and weak :(

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