Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Wednesday chats....

After the kids played a while in the nursery at church this evening, I sat down with them and talked through the Bible stories that they have been working through during Sunday School (and that I use throughout the week to re-enforce what they have learned in Sunday School).

So I quickly went through the story of Josiah and we concentrated on what he did after his servant and priest found the Word of the Lord in the temple. I shared how they read it to all the people, how the king "torn his robe" because he was so upset(saddened) that the people hadn't obeyed God's Word.

After I finished reading, Anna looked up at me and said," Mommy, why did the king 'rip his pants'?" Hah ahaa... what a hoot!!!

I also asked her "Why do we obey God?" I mean this is a good question for anyone.... it monitors our internal motivation and gives us the reason to follow what God has laid out in His Word!! Even when it is hard!!!

Do you know what my darling answered??? "To tell other people about Jesus and because that is what He tells us to do." No bad for an almost 4 yr old!!!

I did guide her through her memory verse from February that said "We love Him because He first loved us." That obeying God is a way we can show Him we love Him. So we obey out of love for God, too!!!

Father, please help me to capture all the moments I can to guide my children to You, Your perfect love and Your wonderful plan for their lives. Let me not be distracted by all the plans of my own heart and chores that always need to be done. Help me to guide them through my own love for You seen in my actions, attitude and words.

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