Monday, April 14, 2008

I've started reading a "new" parenting book, "Say Goodbye, to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes.... in you and you children". I've never heard of these authors but I was introduced to the book through a homeschooling parent resource guide. It labeled this book as the practical companion to "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by T. Tripp. And having many conversations with other moms with preschoolers I quickly realized we were in the age and stage that this starts to appear :)

Here's picture taken of our family yesterday after church. Do you see my sweet middle child moping in the "family picture"? Just previous to the picture he was happily running around and riding his new bike. SO you can see I want to know how to guide my children. How to teach them to have good attitudes, to respond joyfully and to have a truly happy family.

I've been soo thankful for the book already as it addresses the need to teach children "obedience" and "honor". Obedience being the action and honor being the right attitude (this is a very quick and simplistic overview).

While reading this afternoon I caught this example and it kind of got me thinking.
Developing honor in a family is like refinishing a valuable piece of furniture. A woman went to into Tom's Refinishing Shop to get an estimate on her antique chest of drawers. After looking it over, the owner said , " We can paint it for $50 or we can stain it for $500."

"Why the difference in price?" the customer asked.

"Some people want a quick paint job. It doesn't cost much, and it covers many of the blemishes. it looks good at first glance. But paint just deals with the surface. Staining requires that we strip the wood and fix blemishes before the stain is applied. Stain goes down deep. Even if you scratch through the surface, the stain still shows. With care and time, stain even enhances blemishes in the wood, adding personality to the furniture."

Families are like that. Some families want to look good in the outside appearing clean and nice. Many parents, though, aren't content with the superficial. They see the need for more substantial answers and are ready to make the sacrifices necessary to help their family succeed.
-Say Goodbye to Whining...., Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, pgs 42&43
In many ways it is easier just to sit them in time-out and then let them play again in a few minutes or to "pop". But discipline needs to be taught continually even when there aren't any conflicts. And it needs to be authentic....not just out in public but in the home 24/7!!

And the title of this book doesn't leave Mom and Dad out... we need to treat our kids with honor and model for them how to have solid, God-honoring relationships :)

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