Friday, April 18, 2008

Kissing Boo-boos

Christopher has been making amazing progress on both bikes..... on the Dora bike he is going faster and getting "stuck" less. One the new 16'' bike he is actually peddling! He has to push down with one foot, pushing it until he can't reach it and then he pushed down with the other foot. It's encouraging... maybe we did purchase the "right" bike since he is already peddling it:)

This morning and afternoon while on the Dora bike he kept falling off and landing on his bottom and knees??? I'm still not sure HOW he got in those positions but I quickly saw WHY he was falling off. He has started to peddle sooo fast and then turn the corners onto the sidewalk soo quickly it was just throwing him off:)

While I was cleaning up his skinned-knees, he fussed because they hurt. I tried the whole "Mommy kissing the Boo-boo" trick. He looked up at me with his pouty face and said, "No, Mommy tiss them harder." I guess my gentle touch isn't enough for "tough boy" boo-boos :)


Grammie said...

He'll be the one in the family that needs to use elbow and knee pads!! It will save on boo-boos and clothes!! He's all BOY !!

Drea said...

he is such a big boy

Jenn said...

Awwwwwww, the do grow up so fast!!! Every now and then Josh lets me kiss a boo boo. : ) Your sweet boy is sooo cute!