Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rainy Day Outings and A Nap Experiment

We've really been spoiled the last few days with some BEAUTIFUL weather!! But yesterday it started to get cloudy once again......

The older kids and I were hoping to get a Walk/ride to the post office in before the rain this morning (while Lydia was napping). Instead we were able to have some fun "learning time". Then Daddy tried to take them on a run...MORE RAIN!!
Finally after Lydia woke up the clouds parted for a little while and the troops headed outside for their ride on the "rocket ship". Here's the picture of them crowding on the ship:) Poor Lydia ended up having to sit this trip out.... the ship was too crowded!!

the Nap Experiment

Anna has been staying awake in her bed for hours on the end the last few months..... All the kids go to bed at 9pm, but Anna will lay in her bed (with a few excursions) until 11 or 11:30pm!! Brian and I are constantly walking her back into her room and she lays in her bed "reading". Since this has gone on sooo long this time we're thinking she might be outgrowing her afternoon nap. And boy, will she nap in the afternoon....almost 3 hours when I let her!!!

Yesterday was our first day going nap-free. She was busy and wide awake until 9:10pm when I laid her into her bed....when I checked the kids at 9:30pm... she had CRASHED!!! She was exhausted and gone to sleep quickly. And with no major attitude or behavior issues (that usually arise when the kids are exhausted).

We did make her lay/sit on the couch with books and then she watched videos (Little Einstein and Leap Frog) when I laid down to rest. She was quiet (but awake) for at least 2.5 hours, while Lydia and Christopher slept!!!! Today she went visiting with her Daddy and a deacon so we'll see how she does tonight. And determine if this "new" schedule will be better for her... and us :)

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