Monday, April 21, 2008

BPA- Free Products

I'm totally not in the "know" about all things safe for our kids..... I have to trust our government's regulatory services to regulate and test stuff to make sure it is ok for us and our kids. It seems from the blogger-sphere and now from the Today Show, bottles and sippy cups are being questioned. OK, we survive on modern no-drip sippy cups.... I'm not sure how our parents survived the toddler years without them :)

I was needin' some more for the older two kids but with all of the buzz about BPAs and sippy cups, I've been a little hesitant. Today I just went ahead and purchased two that the kids have been really asking for:) (Actually I'm trying to get them to only have sippy cups outside the house but have tumblers with simple lids inside the house...part of growing up!!) So I purchased the Playtex Coolster tumblers with the no drip stoppers for them but they weren't allowed to open them until I checked online about whether they were BPA- free!!

So online I was lead to the Playtex webpage that is offering a free sample of their Nurser Drop-Ins that are BPA-free and well as a chart that contains all of their products and whether they are BPA-free or not. It was very helpful!!! And for being such a BIG company I was surprised that they had already become almost completely BPA-free!! So Playtex items, at least the ones analyzed, are "safe". And my kids can finally open their new "sippy cups".

Another plug for Playtex sippys....these cups are durable!!! A friend passed down some cups to me before Anna was born that had already been used and Lydia is still using them (were talking 4 different kids and over 6 years). The valves are what need to be replaced when they start to wear....but ALL of the different style Playtex cups I've purchased have the SAME valves!!! One size fits all and it makes it soo easy looking for the right components to fit the cups:)


Grammie said...

You ought to send your blog to Platex so that they can give you some commission for your endorsement. After reading it, I was ready to go out and purchase these products and I don't even have kids!!!

3 for Me!! said...

Aren't Moms Great!!!!

Love you Mom :)

Mark and Rachel said...

I've got a lot of catching up to do when we return to the States...what in the world is "BPA"!?

Drea said...

did u see calebs new sippy 2nite ;-)