Monday, April 7, 2008

Reading Struggles Revisited

Well I mentioned in a post last week the challenges I was having with teaching Anna to read. Again, it wasn't that I'm pushing her to do something beyond her abilities but beyond her desires.

We packed up, went on our trip and are now this afternoon I decided to try to get her to sit down (while her younger siblings were sleeping) to continue the lesson we had to stop. Maybe because I was approaching the lesson with a more relaxed attitude and really just testing the waters... she easily jumped into the lesson!!! We completed the last few tasks of our unfinished lesson with no tears, frustrations or warnings......yay!! And after the lesson was over she started flipping through the book finding when she'll get to learn more sounds :)

But my prayer continues : Lord, help me to be a good teaching mom. That desires for her children to love learning but love YOU most of all. Help me be encouraging, loving and longsuffering as I enjoy each stage with my children!!!

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Jenn said...

I pray this prayer with you...some days I am not as patient as others. But learning...and praying a lot!

Since this is my first yr of homeschooling (older children too with getting a later start), I'm learning and testing the waters and going for it again. : )

There is a great book if you have not already gotten it. "The Well Trained Mind" is a guide to classical homeschooling. It is really good and has been helpful as a guide. I also take from Sonlight, Veritas Press, and Learning Things. : )

So great to see our little ones learning and feeling confident when they master a new concept.

Great job!

Hope we can get together again soon when this weather clears up a bit.