Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yes, we did......

In an effort to restock the kitchen we decided to head to the grocery store. And we ate our dinner with our friends, Andrea and her crew, at the local Wendys!! We've mentioned to each other that we need to get shirts made for our kids that say "Our Town needs an indoor playground!!" written on the back and then let our kids GO in some of the establishments!! This is of course only a joke....it's definitely not Wendys fault that we don't have restaurant with an indoor playground....but maybe with Super Walmart coming in we might have a chance :)

Andrea is of course always armed with her camera:) She got some pictures and a video...that she shared on her blog that I'll share (sorry for those who might read us both)!!!

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Thanks Andrea!!!

And just for those who are mortified that we let our kids do this...... the restaurant was pretty empty. One of the Wendys employees came out with a frisby in an attempt to "play" with the kids :) So a big Thanks to our local Wendys for being kid-friendly and parent-understanding!!!

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