Monday, April 28, 2008

Summer Goal: Potty Training the Younger Two

WOW!! But both little ones are wanting to sit on the potty and Anna is finally completely potty trained minus a diaper at night..... so seize the day!! I'm thinking because they have such a good teacher (Anna). And they desperately want to be like her that this might be a good goal for us.

I had to share, she's soo cute sitting on the potty...all that chub!

Of course, like everything else with kids.... I'll try it for a while and see what they do. It might be a WHOLE summer project or Lydia might wait until next year:)

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Jenn said...

How cute! This pic of Lydia on the potty reminds me of Jordan at 2 1/2...she was at a friends house for a pajama friend Angie was taking care of about 5 kids close to the same age (most all potty training) Jordan proceeded to drag the potty chair into the living room, and dropped her drawers to potty right in the middle of the room...because she did not want to miss the movie Angie was playing for the children...haha! I think she got a pic of that in her scrapbook...but needless to say, Jordan was not a bit modest at that age. Now...she is so totally modest! LOL