Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The joys of Grocery Shopping with Little Ones

While I was at the check out the cashier was just looking at me..... and the bagger asked me if I wanted a new box because my box was "opened". More like ripped into:)

Yes, this is what happens when I bring the kids to the grocery store before naptime and after they decided not to eat their lunch. Even the turkey hot dogs have teeth prints in them. And yes, that was the condition of the fruit snacks box when the cashier was ringing it up.....

OH, and I normally don't get all these boxes of cereal but the Food Lion brand of Honey Nut Cheerios was BOGO...so TWO boxes of cheerios for $2.40....can't beat that!!!

And I got one of the questions that moms with a lot of kids get (although I don't consider myself having a LOT of kids... maybe one day): "Are all these kids yours?"

And because they were being soo well behaved, I proudly answered "Yes!" without any silly extra comments.

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Drea said...

hmmm cherrios...