Thursday, April 24, 2008

You're cool even with mixed up Idioms

This afternoon we played one of Anna's favorite games outside called, "Silly Animals." All of us , minus one, runs up the church's handicap ramp and looks over the side. The person left at the bottom has to pretend to be an animal and then those on the ramp guess what they are trying to be.

SO it was my turn to be the "silly animal" I moved Lydia to my back and jumped around acting like and making monkey sounds! Christopher and Anna just giggled through shouts of "you're a monkey, with a baby on your back".

Anna came running down the ramp and said to me, "Momma, that was cool!!" I little taken back by her "new" word I asked, "Did you say I was cool?"

And she answered, "yep as cool as a carrot." H aha haa.... isn't it supposed to be "as cool as a cucumber"!!

Oh no, she's doomed like her mother to always get idioms wrong. Brian used to have a list of all the mix-up idioms that I've uttered in his presence. I wanted to share one of his favorites....but the list has mysteriously disappeared.......

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