Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Saturday at Kids Fest

A nearby town was having a Kid's Fest at their Farmer's Market. We were pretty surprised by the large turn-out... there are TONS of kids in our area:) Would have been a good time to advertise our "We need an indoor playground in our Town" shirts ;)

The kids were a little reserved in the building with all of the activities, crafts and the dressed up animals (which always freak them out.... even Lydia will now cry).But once they got outside they really started to explore:) There were fire trucks, police cars, ambulances and a helicopter.......

And we even ran into our friend Caleb and his family.

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Drea said...

I LOVE the photo of brian and anna in the truck. so cute! I think the canon is rubbing some photo goodness off on u ;-) oh and i see christopher made himself at home with the oatmeal bucket

btw windsor was having a festival today 2!!