Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's here

As some of you know, my Nikon camera finally gave up. The lens just didn't want to move on or out any longer....My mother-in-law accidentally left her camera during their last visit. So for the last month I've been using her camera until I figured out what to do with mine.

Well the Nikon is 3 1/2 years old and was a awesome gift to a young family with a baby :) We thought that we just needed to go ahead and purchase a new reliable camera and then look into fixing (if possible) the Nikon.

After much debate (just my personality, especially on big purchases and since I'll be using this for at least the next 3 1/2 years), I decided to go with this Canon A650.... it was recommended by many and I found it at a decent price.... 1/3 less than good 'ole Wally World. Check out Beach Camera if you're in the market for a camera... decent prices, free shipping ( for over $100) and delivered FAST (less than 3 days and I ordered on a Sunday evening).

So now I should have crystal clear, beautiful pictures.... aha hahaa!! Maybe as soon as I learn how to take pictures right (right angles and lighting), you might get a glimpse of some good ones.

Also, I have to mention this because I was very impressed......we use a credit card that offers "rewards". Now, I KNOW credit cards can get people into trouble but we are very conscience of how much we spend (credit cards, checks, cash) and we also pay off our charges every month so we DON'T pay any interest!!!! When the need for the camera came up I started searching the process for "redeeming" our was a little tedious, but only days after requesting our rewards in cash, we received a check that TOTALLY covered any of the cameras I was looking at (granted none were "top of the line" or professional). So it was "fun" picking one out because I was spending "free money". Brian says that he is getting the rest of the reward check for some books he's been eye-ing..... good thing I did save some money on the purchase by buying the accessories (batteries, card reader) at Wally World.


Mark and Rachel said...

I love the rewards money too! We use it same as you and the check we got last summer helped pay for most of one of our tickets over here! Can't beat that :) Mark just asked this week "now how much money do we have waiting to be redeemed?" Not sure what he has planned for that money, but probably it's somewhere along Brian's line of thinking, whereas mine would be along yours! Ha! :)

Mark and Rachel said...

oh, forgot to say, we'd love to try and meet up with y'all. we'll be in WF May 3-7 or 8, though the 3 &4 are full already...let's email and see if we can figure out a good time to meet.