Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Train Tuesday

Well, it was rainy on Tuesday!!! Anna, Christopher and I decided to go to the post office anyway. The mission was two-fold....check the mail and train Christopher how to ride his bike on the road leading to the PO.

We got a block or two and it started to mist and then POUR. The kids and I took cover under an awning of a business for a few minutes. It cleared a little bit so we decided to ride to the town office to visit and wait for the cloud to pass. Needless to say, we looked like drenched rats. And when we got there our town clerk was on the phone with our Daddy. he was checking to see if we made it to her office and whether we needed a lift back home:)

We made it to the PO and back home (just a tad wet). And Christopher did OK, although he's really used to just looking around...not steering a bike!! And he might have to get a bigger bike..... with that little wheel in the front he just can't keep up with Anna.

Here is Lydia admiring the train track that the kids and I had put up (we just couldn't get outside because of the rain). Anyway, she lasts all of ten seconds, enough for a picture, before she started demolishing the track.... Lydia Kong!!

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