Monday, March 1, 2010

Why I Chose to See Midwives

Let me start this post with the fact that I go to a practice that has midwives and doctors that are ready to back them up when needed.... and that comforts me! But I still have chosen to see the midwives. And this is why.....

Anna's delivery.

Sure, it was my first labor.... I entered into a whole "unknown world"! But we had attended a childbirth class at the hospital we delivered at and so I did know some of the policies. And I was very fortunate to have my mom (had 4 kids naturally) come 2 or 3 hours into labor at the hospital and a final delivery nurse that also had a few kids naturally.

The nurse that initially got us settled into the room was new and seemed to have no experience with someone wanting little (to no) medical intervention. She immediately got IVs in me and then wouldn't let me get up from the bed for hours to use the bathroom, yes, even when I asked. She was too scared that I was going to deliver our baby in the bathroom... LOL!!

The doctor came in to check us and really was in and out saying that I still had some laboring to go and wouldn't deliver on her shift. And then she was out again??? She did check on us again before she left and had me attempt to push at 9 cms... but I had a very FULL BLADDER and Anna got stuck.... but she left...

Another doctor came in a little later announcing that he was now on shift but had to change... he seriously looked like he had just gotten off the golf course!! He was in and out throughout me laboring.

When it was time to push, the nurse (and my mom) thought that maybe Anna was stuck. They suggested that I move around a bit to see if we could get Anna "unstuck".... the doctor says "nope, she stays in the bed on her back". So then we welcomed some tension in the room and the nurse no longer "questioned" the doctor!

Then some how someone thought to ask when I had last used the potty.... oh, man, that's right.... she's been asking but no one will let her up... LOL!!! Seriously, the nurse was sooo amazed my bladder didn't burst!

Fast forward a couple of hours, then some pushing and more pushing and more pushing (LOL... my 1st baby!!!). Into my 2nd hour of pushing the doctor decided we needed to use the vacuum. And finally our sweet, patient cone-headed baby Anna was born!!

We were sooo excited to see her and she was soo strong and healthy:) A great final blessing to the work of labor.

But as the doctor was tending to some of my needs... I was in PAIN!!! He looked at me and said,"You shouldn't feel that amount of pain with the epidural."

I grunted back to him,"I didn't have an epidural!!"

I remember his look. I think he really started to question some of the decisions HE had made... not letting me up to move, using the vacuum and then stitches without Novocaine. I have often wondered if he even read my chart before walking into my room to care for me and deliver my baby????

**Now I know this was my experience with only 2 OB doctors and that there are some awesome OB doctors out there (I now know a few)! But when we found out we were preggo with #2 (Chris), I searched for a practice that included midwives!!

I hope to share my other labor stories this week:) As time allows.... :)


Amanda @ My Everyday said...

I hate hearing these stories!! I would have been furious!! I'm not one to roll over when I need something and that nurse would have had a time keeping me from the bathroom. *head steaming* I'm sorry that's how your first birth was!! Mine was semi-bad as well but not the doctor's fault. Just didn't progress and had to be pumped with pitocin and pain meds. I love me some pain meds but the pitocin wasn't in my plan.

I had a wonderful second delivery with my OB because I searched for him for months. He's great. Sadly, I always have to have an IV because I am strepB + and have to get antibiotics.

I can't believe we only have about 9 weeks to go!!

Jenny said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you! How painful and upsetting!

I'm glad you found a place that you are more comfortable with.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I had a scheduled csection the first time because dustyn was so big (10 pounds 4 ounces, but this time around I am going to try for a VBAC as long as Little Joe stays small. I want to do it all natural so I would love to hear any advice for that. Thanks!

Bunch of Barrons said...

I had a lot of problems with my first delivery also. My doctor was the only one for 5 women who were PUSHING at the same time! Merrick was face up, and the nurse totally missed it, so I pushed for 3 hours until he was SO stuck they had to literally wrestle him out during a c-section, after even the vacuum wouldn't get him out. If someone had just taken the may have been totally different. But he's here, and healthy! So I'm grateful! :)

heathermommie said...

Oh my goodness! My sister, Jenny (a couple comments ahead of me) sent me over to your story.
I had a very bad first birth experience with precipitous labor, preemie baby, no pain meds, etc. etc., and I am so glad you found somewhere that you will be taken care of respectfully!! With my first baby I seriously thought I was on an episode of MASH or something.

Kayris said...

We're done. But my experience with hospital/OB deliveries with both mine have led me to believe that if we decided to have another (or had a surprise baby), it would be done at home with a midwife in attendance.

Modern medicine is really wonderful in many many ways, but I also feel like the way birth is portrayed in the media and the way doctors are trained (and the way they fear being sued) has really let women down in the long run.

Heather said...

Crazy! We too choose to use a practice with midwives and doctors. Because of my experience with doctors I now have to have c-sections. :( Which make me very sad. I labored through all of my pregnancies (med free) only to end up in c-sections. I had our first completely natural, with no problems. uugggghhh Doctors can make me so frustrated. I think I might do a blog post on this subject. hehehe

Meg said...

I had a midwife with my little guy and it was such an amazing experience! Throughout my pregnancy my husband and I were included in every aspect of care and were given so much education. Come delivery it was relaxing, calming, and baby boy made a peaceful, natural, entry in a wonderful birthing center! I couldn't be a bigger advocate of midwives