Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday.... Skating

Sometime during the Olympics, I received an email from our homeschooling group about skating!! I pondered if it was possible for us to go... late at night, me being 33 weeks preggo... so I asked Brian about going.

He hadn't been ice skating in years! But since we had been watching ice skating from the Olympics we were all soo excited!! The kids were actually EXCITED about trying this "new" thing... which I was totally excited about:)

Fast forward 3-4 weeks of talking it up and making our night skating event seem really cool so the kids would really want to try it... oh, not me!!

It's the night of skating....

I had the kids collect all their "warm" weather gear so they wouldn't get cold at the rink- hats, gloves, coats, etc! Since it would take us 45 minutes just to get to the rink, we packed the kids dinner on trays to eat in the car... yes, that was totally US (and it worked well)!

What I don't want to claim is that when we pulled into the parking lot we were all a little lot disappointed!!! It wasn't quite "ice" skating like the Olympics!!! It was a family-owned, very ancient ROLLER skating rink! How did I make such a big mistake???

But as we looked around at the other families emerging from their cars, we saw many of our homeschooling friends! So we decided to stay and try it out.... the kids have never been ROLLER skating either!!!

The task of getting skates on 3 kids and one adult.... LOL!!

Yes, we totally put our kiddies in the classic kiddie skates... they LOVED them!! They felt very confident in them and gladly "skated" MANY times around the rink:) And adorable on the kids... oh, not me!!

One of the blessings of being at a ROLLER, and not ice, skating rink was that I could walk on the rink and help the kids!! I would have never tried to walk the kids around on ICE... but it was good on the rink and everyone kept their distance from me:)
Had to remember the falls... there were plenty... but NO tears. They just got up and went again:)
Brian helping Anna once she was wearing the "real" skates!

Lydia liked the snacks everyone brought! I showed her where the "safe" eats were and she gladly helped herself:)
In the snack bar with all three lined up on a bench having a snack, one of the homeschool moms from the Monday night Bible study approached me about how I always "have it all together" when she has seen me.....

LOL!!!! I about fell over laughing! I quickly told her that I didn't usually even look like I have "part of it together"!!! And I confessed that our van had a bag FULL of winter gear thinking we were attending an ice skating event:)

Anna really liked skating!! She did a great job for her first time and told us she wanted to come back for her birthday.... where does this kid come up with stuff like that???

Just realized how bad the ceiling looks even in the pictures! I told you THIS place was ancient.... but it was filled with other homeschooling families and they played only Christian music... so it was a great environment. The few times the kids were bumped over, there was a quick and honest apology!!

We had a GREAT time... yes, even though it wasn't quite Olympic-style:)


Jenny said...

That is hilarious! Well at least you weren't all cold!

Meg said...

What memories! We used to have a homeschool rollerskating day when I was younger! It was such a great time to hang out with other homeschool families while simultaneously getting bruised all over from our very poor skating skills! Haha! It looks like you guys had a blast! I am so glad you got to do this!