Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a Weekend and a Week to COME!!! UPDATED

Phew... have I not blogged since Wednesday???? Doesn't seem like that much time has passed!

Friday we had an exterminator come. To prepare we had to move all toys, bedding, and dishes/pans 3 feet up.... actually we probably didn't "have to" but I felt better and less to clean after;) What a task to get every toy 3 feet and my kitchen totally taken apart and then put back together that evening....


While we were "kicked out of the house" on Friday we went our 30 week check-up. Because it was during naptime, Brian hesitated to take the kids into the appt, but the kids pleaded to go in;) So we all got to hang out and hear Nathaniel's heartbeat.

Saturday was a work day for us!!! The kids and I used the morning to clean and "sneak" a school day in. Brian worked at church all morning and then spent the afternoon in the attic getting it all sorted and cleaned out... what a task!!!

Saturday night we went to a program at church for some community members put on my a group of active ladies in our community. Brian played the guitar and we had a nice evening!! They are always soo sweet to the kids, getting them little "door prizes" (my kids actually listened for their numbers to be called)! Anna was a little lady sitting at a table during the entertainment with a bunch of older ladies... I was a proud momma watching my little "grown" girl;)

We had a great Sunday morning at church... we really are blessed to have a sweet, loving and faithful congregation!

At home we had a quick lunch and then rested.... well most of us rested! Brian went back into the attic to finish sorting through our stuff to make room for the guys coming to begin work in attic at 8AM !!!

Sunday evening we pulled out some of our "memory boxes" to get rid of stuff that is just collecting dust and that's in cardboard (which we are trying to get rid of... just cleaner to have everything in plastic and keeps bugs out!!). We spend hours sorting through "memories".

I just HAD to share what my favorite finds were:

  • My father's kindergarten certificate stating that he completed kindergarten in 2 years;)
  • My father's baptism gown (he was baptized as an infant) and a note that he wrote me describing a challenging part of his life that he was ready to share with me.... so touching especially since he really did change after that AND that he's no longer with us!
  • Wallet pictures from high school.... LOL!! I couldn't believe how many of these people are now Facebook friends;)
  • All sorts of college pictures:)
  • The originial dress from my Cabbage Kid.... totally being washed for the girls to play with!!

Our storage items are now sorted... and I'm sure with the pile of trash/recycling outside of our house right now, there could be rumors of us moving.... LOL!!

Monday morning we have the construction beginning (or at least people in the house ready to start) at 8 AM!!!

The kids and I also have a field trip, so we'll be heading out the door not long after the guys get to the house!!! We'll have the trip, lunch and some basic grocery shopping!

Tuesday we have reading time and possibly some snow.....
what a start to the week!!!!

8:00 AM and the carpet is being pulled up on the back of the living room .... making room or stairs;)

The kids are in awe at all the cool tools and everything the guys are doing;)

Whoo-hoooo .... here we go;)

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Jenny said...

You have been pretty busy and it sounds like you will be staying busy for awhile too!

We also have put all of our storage stuff in plastic totes in the basement. It's so much easier to store them that way and it just looks nicer too!

Good luck with the construction.