Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Made it For YOU!

This week as Brian was busy getting cleaned up for the day, Anna went into the kitchen and made him breakfast. She came into the bedroom with the announcement,"Daddy, I made you a bowl of Mini Wheats. But I didn't cut banana to put on top."

Brian asked, "Thank you, Anna."

Anna reponded,"Daddy, you have to come eat it because it even has milk in it."

As Brian journeyed into the kitchen, Anna seemed a little disappointed that she didn't have the banana on top like she knows her Daddy likes.... I was glad she wasn't using a knife without me close by.

Brian and I poured praise on her for wanting to help!!

As Brian ate his cereal, we noticed that Anna hadn't moved the stool to get the glass bowl from one of the cabinets over the counter. So Brian asked,"Anna, where did you get the bowl?"

Anna shrugged and responded,"I just got the bowl from the dishwasher."

I looked at Brian and he looked at me. Then we went over to the dishwasher and realized that the dishes in there were dirty!!!!!! LOL!!!!

What a sweet and funny start to a day:) And yes, Daddy did finish the bowl of cereal that was made JUST for HIM... much to Anna's delight!


Stam House said...

that is cute, gross but cute LOL Kids are the best!!!

Jessica D. said...

I love that. That is a story that will never be forgotten!!

Meg said...

Aww, that is so sweet-what a little helper! I remember doing things like that for my Daddy and him being a trooper to finish the burnt cookies, or whatever I had made just for him.
I am sure she was so proud! Good job Anna!

Angela said...

That was so Cute! It reminds me of a story of a little girl who wanted to have a tea party with her Daddy while he was watching a football game. She kept bringing him a little teacup with water. He kept drinking it, not really paying attention. That was until Mommy came and asked him how he thought she was getting the water since she can't reach a faucet..... Turn out it was from the toilet!! EWWW. Hope that makes you laugh too :)