Monday, March 29, 2010

Renovation Update #2

It's been awhile, here was our 1st update!! Well I've missed a LOT of steps!!! Like the insulation, moving the bathroom wall by 1 foot, drywall and then putty....

We are at the point of wiping down the walls, putting in molding and preparing to paint!!!

Here is the staircase... all enclosed!! We debated about how to enclose the stairs - rails, wall,etc! But we decided with a half-wall to keep the living room open and to still have a wall behind the couch versus rails. I look forward to seeing the molding and it painted:)

Here is Brian at the top of the stairs in the attic. To the right is the bedroom.

And here is Brian in the bedroom looking at the window;) At the bottom right you can see where they will install cabinets that will be inside the wall.

I didn't do a good job with this room.... but when you walk up the stairs you'd enter this room, we're thinking it would be more like a den. And you can see in the back are the two longer closets and then the bathroom in the middle.

This is my downstairs hall almost looking into my bedroom;) You can see where the stairs are now coming into our hallway and the old doorway is now an under-the-stairs closet. It's a smaller closet - perfect for baby stuff (bouncey seats, car seat, diapers that we can stock up on when on sale!!! ), shoes, quick storage, etc!

Again, there has been a lot done that you can't see like the duct work, and there is now heating and an air conditioner upstairs.

And there's more to be done;) I think the molding and cabinets are next and then we paint;)


Jenny said...

How exciting! It's coming along really well.

Meg said...

Wow! That looks great! Can't wait to see the finished project! What a blessing for the extra space!