Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last Trip of FOUR

Since Saturday we have been "housebound" with Christopher possibly dealing with a stomach virus. As we hope that he recovers and prayed that the rest of us didn't come down with it too....

I've watched some of our final days of traveling from the house disappear.... it's just amazing that in just 2 weeks, in order to follow the midwives suggestion, I will have to stick closer to home.

So when we started to feel better and his symptons had been gone for over 24 hours, the kids and I packed our bags!

My parents live close enough that we can make visiting them a day trip or overnight trip. So on Tuesday we finished our basic schoolwork, packed, make lunch and headed out!!

On the way we realized that it ould be our last trip to see Grammie and Pey as FOUR.... next time (after I've recovered and we've adjusted to our "new" family) we'll have Brian and Nate !!

By request our first stop (after picking up Grammie) was Rita's!! My kids LOVE Ritas and its one of the only food-allergy friendly treat places we know!! Sooo glad it's the spring and they are now open near Grammie!

We let the kids pick out their own flavors and we all enjoyed our treat... hmm, sounds good right now actually...LOL!!

Then we spent time together outside at Grammies, helping with some dandelion collecting (LOL!!) and then the neighborhood park. Grammie actually took the kids and I was able to start working on a ministry opportunity for our church (can't wait to share)!! And I also got to visit my sister at work and she shared her talent with me, once again.... so awesome!

Wednesday we headed to the zoo!!! I"m not sure my kids will ever get tired of the zoo and learning new things about animals. I was just soo glad to get some walking and visiting in.

After lunch we headed home..... wish the trip ended uneventful.... but it didn't....

This "thing" that is plaguing Chris returned on the way home. He got sick after drinking apple juice???? I mean he had eaten 4-5 normal meals and then he throws up juice.... just glad I had a bucket ready (just in case) and that he made a great patient as I drove!!

So glad we got to go... because we'll stick around the house and keep to ourselves until he completely recovers, which looks promising as we put to bed a hyper little boy. And we hoping to sneak in another quick trip with Brian before this Momma is "1 hour radius"-bound :)


Stam House said...

Soon your family will be bigger how exiting is that!!!BTW you look amazing in those pictures!

And it look like your trip was lots of fun!

Jenny said...

What a great day, except for poor Christopher getting sick :( It sounds like he might have the same virus that Abby had a few weeks ago. It lingered on for awhile.