Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WFMW: Starting our Garden Indoors

It's Wednesday... time to share another fun thing that has worked for us:)

We have had a tiny garden on the side of the house for years, but I have always "cheated" and spent the extra BUCKS purchasing the plants already grown and ready to be transplanted...

This year we started from SEEDS:)

I purchased a planter set and the kids helped me plant the seeds!

We made little plastic plant labels out of a used disposable plastic cup. And I had Anna write the labels:)

And there is our little Indoor Garden:)

And after 2 weeks, the plants are HUGE!!! I will try to add an updated pic... it's amazing how much they have grown:)

And most of the seeds came from packets that cost us 20 cents!! One packet was $1. And then the watermelon, pumpkin and green pepper seeds were ones we have saved from old veggies and fruits... LOL!!! So the seeds costs about $2! And the planter was like $6??? So that equals getting like 3-4 tomato plants versus 72.... LOL!!!

Now.... where to put all these veggies in the garden?? Hoping my hubby will build us some planters and we'll have veggies all over the yard... and maybe the kids will actually start eating squash... LOL!!

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