Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More of My Boys (and sneaking some girls in, too)

Here's another "take" of my boys in their cute "Lucky & Charming" St. Patty's Day shirts:) too funny!!

I'm sure MOST little boys (and girls) like to help their Daddy's with "projects". Chris is the first one at a project and the last to leave.... he LOVES working on projects with Brian and LOVES his Daddy's tools;)

I wanted to get an "angle" to how HIGH Chris really was:) I liked this pic (it's not perfect but fun)! And shows that we're never too far away from the kids not matter where they are;)

Of course, once the girls saw that Chris was sitting on the TOP shelf in Daddy's (the forbidden) closet.... they wanted a "try" too!!

I've submitted this to YOU Capture this week as the theme is "reaching"... in each pic we are reaching or keeping very close to the kids... while still letting them "explore" a bit;)


Jenny said...

That's too cute. Abby loves to help out whenever Dave gets the tools out too!

Shelly said...

Aren't kids so cute, wanting to help all the time? Great captures!

CJ said...

Great pictures...I remember being given the opportunity to sit in the closet shelf when I was younger...there is something about that. :)

Jen said...

Your kids are so cute!

Stillmary said...

Very interesting You Capture. I enjoyed the video and the pictures were great! You have very cute kids!