Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WFMW: How I Chose an OB

We headed back to the OB last Friday for a normal checkup... 3 weeks since my last. And everything looked good;) Sometimes during these normal checkups it's a little funny to drive sooo far for the OB to say "everything is fine" when I feel well.

But I was reminded how NICE I have it;) And how thankful I am to have a good set of doctors to go to.

I chose the practice a little differently than one usually does... maybe by the phonebook or advice from friends. I instead went to the hospital, where I wanted to deliver, and attended one of their tours!!! After the tour, I cornered the experienced staff person that lead the tour and questioned her.... LOL!!

I told her what kind of practice I wanted, what kind of delivery I was hoping to have and asked for her suggestions. Although she couldn't officially tell me where I should go, she did tell me about a couple of practices and her experience with them and the policies she understood at each.

I walked away from the conversation knowing EXACTLY where I would go for OB care and I have LOVED the practice ever since... this is my third pregnancy with them:)

No.... they are NOT perfect!! It's a BIG practice, so sometimes we have a longer wait (although this week we were out in 30 minutes!!! awesome, I know!). They are also a part of a bigger system which causes confusion with billing issues... my poor husband deals with that!

But I couldn't stand the thought of being in their area and not having them care for me and my Nate-baby coming in May! I love their position on LIFE, their cautiousness with new mediciations/vaccinations and my gals....

In NO other doctor's office am I greeted by a physician I do NOT have an appt with. Not only am I greeted by NAME (with no chart in hand) but the gals also ask about the other kids. Often they ask if the kids are with me... since one delivered Chris and the other delivered Lydia!! It's almost like visiting with friends!! Ones that are cheering us on until we meet Nate;)

Monday I shared why I sought out a midwife practice... and I'm hoping to share Chris' and Lydia's birth stories with you... so much different than Anna's:)

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