Friday, March 26, 2010

34 week Update

Whoo- hoo 34 weeks and counting;)

In soo many ways this pregnancy is flying by:) But then in other ways it's going soo slow... days that we see new pics of Owen and Andrea's family enjoying their little baby:) LOL... our little man is growing and we'll be meeting him in just a couple of weeks;)

Physically I continue to do well with no extra limitations.... Like taking the kids to my parents alone!

I've been amazed at how much less back pain I've had with this pregnancy! I've always been told to NOT carry the children while pregnant because it was causing the pain, but I'm still occasionally picking them up ,when I really need to, and they are MUCH bigger!! But this time the back pain is more at night when I'm trying to sleep or if I"ve been sitting wrong, rather than the constant ache that I had with the other three pregnancies.

I've noticed new pains though and I've figured out why... LOL!! For some reason our homeschool bench and my preggo-body aren't getting along too well:) I've carried an extra cushion in with me lately and tried to stand or walk around more often (drink and potty breaks)!

I mentioned my swelling during the last update. It's gotten a little worse but it's not even close to how big my feet, ankles and legs got when I was pregnant with Anna. And flip flop weather is coming, so I'm fortunate that I can wear flip flops and not be totally out-of-season... LOL!!

Isn't it gross... sorry for the pic! My toenails are newly painted today!

At my 34 week check-up, the doctor was a little concerned about the swelling. She told me the symptoms of pre-eclampsia to be watching for... not that she's worried I have it, but that swelling is an obvious sign and my swelling is soo obvious (just wait, it's going to get a LOT worse if it's anything like my 1st pregnancy).

I've noticed that my eating has changed a bit. I'm leaning more towards smaller meals with snacks in between. I"m still really craving cheese crackers and fruit. And I've started making smoothies with frozen fruit, honey and soymilk.... it's soo refreshing for me and helps me get the calcium and proteins I'm needing at this stage.

And now onto NATE:)

Believe it or not, he's been moving more often now. He's still very gentle and it's usually just a bump or an elbow that goes across my baby belly. It's nice to have him moving a little more though and the movements are more noticeable!

At my 34 week appt, the doctor checked his position. They THINK he is head down, but his head isn't in my pelvis yet. So he's still not in the "right" spot... but making his way there.

I measured 38!! That's like 4 weeks too big. There have been other visits that I've measured a week or two more, but never 4 more. And it was a little surprising because at my last appt 2 weeks ago, I measured right on??? So all those who have said I look "BIG" or "about to pop" have a really good eye:)

While I haven't made a big deal about weight gain... the bigger measurement isn't due to weight gain, since I've only gained about 24 pounds thus far.... and most days I feel like most of it is in my feet and legs:)

The doctor wasn't really concerned, but thinks it's either the way he is laying with his back arched out.... making my belly stretched out front more. Or that he's a BIG boy!!! Yikes!! Chris was 8lbs 9 ozs... not sure I can push out a babe bigger than that, although Chris' delivery was the easiest!!

So at my next appt an ultrasound is planned. They will check to be sure his is head down AND his weight.... maybe even checking to see if I can physically birth him... oh, I hope so, after having three vaginally with no epidurals, it would be a BIG change to have a C-section! And more recovery and soo on.

So that is what is going on with Nate and I!


Stam House said...

You look soo cute! pregnancy suits you :-)

Does elevation your feet helps reducing the swelling? like at night poop the feet up on pillows.

And so glad to hear that you are doing so well pain wise etc... For us this pregnancy (BB#3) as been the worst for aches and pains mind you our almost 17 months almost 30 lbs little goose is not walking yet! (she did a few step and I am so ready for her to be mobile on her own)So my back is always sore

Praying that the last weeks goes fast for you,that baby would be just the right size for a VAg delivery, and that the transition from 3 to 4 goes smoothly :-)

Have a blessed day


Bunch of Barrons said...

still looking great! sorry about the swelling. My best friend had horrible swelling with her first baby, and i know it was so uncomfortable for her. hope that the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly and the swelling eases. can't wait to hear about your ultrasound!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the swelling! I swelled bad with Dustyn, but haven't swelled much this time. When do you go in for your ultrasound? Hopefully both of our ultrasounds give us some answers.

Jenny said...

I'm glad everything is going well! I bet the swelling is so uncomfortable though.

designHER Momma said...

you are so cute! Hope the days fly by for you!

The Amazing Trips said...

Ohhh ... the swelling ... I know it so well and I'm so sorry for your misery. Because it IS miserable and my skin hurts just looking at your pictures.

I've only been pregnant twice, but the first time, I was pregnant with triplets and gained 100 pounds. The second time, I was pregnant with a singleton and gained 100 pounds. Both times, I'm convinced 80 of those pounds were in my legs.

The best thing I could do was wear SOCKS and good shoes. Slip on shoes that didn't require lacing b/c I couldn't bend over to tie them. I loved my Keens. Also, my husband gave me foot rubs every night and that was a huge help.

Hang in there. You're almost done and that weight will come off FAST!! And oh, the sweet prize of a new baby will probably make you want to do it all over again!! :)