Monday, March 1, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Yay!! Another Tuesday to share all the silly conversations in my house;) And don't forget to visit to read others:)


This really isn't a "conversation" but Lydia (3 yrs old) has been trying to trick us recently into thinking that she's asleep, like when we pull into the driveway after an evening out or when we hear them in their rooms and go to check on them.

It's too funny!! Sometimes, she's REALLY good and does almost get us.... she's laying sooo still with a "blank" expression on her peaceful face. And other times it's sooo obviously we have to stop from giggling too loudly so we can play along.


Here's a funny conversation between Brian (the Daddy) and Chris (4 yr old):

One morning Brian heard Chris shout to the girls from his room,"I'm going to kill your baby."

Before the shouts and crying started, Brian walked into Christopher's room and we heard,"You have to kill to provide food for your family.... the babies."

Minutes later, Brian walks into the living room and there was a dinosaur laying on it's side. Chris looked up and said,"I killed it for my family!!"


On Sunday night, Anna sat with a little friend. Brian was explaining the passage Prov 24:26 with the paraphrase "An honest answer seals a friendship as does a kiss."

Behind me, I heard Anna whisper to her little friend,"Do you like it when a friend kisses you?" and then muffled giggles.


Tonight I sorted through a box of newborn boy clothes that we had saved from Christopher's infancy. I was sooo tickled by Christopher's and Lydia's responses to the clothes.... they LOVED the little socks and shoes. They would run to show them to Brian announcing,"This is for Baby Brother!"

LOL!! Not sure why we named him Nathaniel because both are sooo content calling him Baby Brother!!


And you KNOW my house has got to be loud (with the construction work... day #1) if even Sweetie Pie needs to have her ears covered;)


MoziEsmé said...

Don't you love how literal they take things! Love the dinosaur and kiss stories!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh the dinosaur story is cute!

The 4th "baby" has no chance of losing the name "baby". Mine only stopped calling #3 baby david when "baby daniel" came along.

Happy TTT!