Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Yay!! It's Tuesday!! And here's what I've heard from my kids this week:) Check out some more Tiny Talk with Mary @ Not before 7!!

I got a chance to clean the bathrooms this week while the kids were awake (a task I usually do when they are asleep so they don't mess with the cleaning products!). I had to leave the bleach out to tend to Anna (who was under-the-weather).

As I walked out of the bathroom, Lydia and Chris announced they had to use the potty (oh, well for being clean for long...LOL)! So I called to them, "Do not touch the chemicals!!"

Minutes later Chris comes running to get me shouting,"Lydia is touching the tentacles! She touching those tentacles!"

Well, I of course went running to see what Lydia had gotten into. I found her doing her "business" on the potty.... her over-protective brother must have thought the "chemicals" were on the potty!! LOL!!! gotta love some drama:)

I think being "environmentally conservative" was taught to my generation really early. I remember planting little pine tree saplings in elementary school and being taught not to let the water run when we brushed our teeth:)

Some of this has been passed down to my kids! I've taught them to conserve water by not letting the water run too much when they brush or wash their hands.... I jokingly tell them that we are saving water for the fish! We also don't flush the potty each time they "just add more liquid", but definitely to flush when #2 is there or its "time to flush"! In fact my mom learned a little poem when she was a kid:

If it's yellow, let it mellow.
If it's brown, flush it down!
So Lydia made some "brown" this week and as I was helping her she asked,"MOmmy, I flush this?"

I said, "yes!"
She responded,"It's ok to flwush because the fishes not like stinky!"

We have been working through Ancient Greek history. And last week we talked about the Olympic Games. In the conversation I reminded Anna that we watched some of the modern-day Olympics the last few weeks.

Anna looked up at me and said," If we were going to study this, maybe you should have let me stay up to watch it."
Playing outside, Anna was trying to get someone to play with her (Lydia and Chris were both swinging).

So she said,"who wants to play with me?"
Chris said, "I do. Let's play killing man."
Anna responded," No that's too 'boy'. What if we played Mommy and Daddy?"
Chris said back,"No, I'll just swing."

Yesterday the girls were quietly in their room playing with the tea set. I could hear them talk about the babies that were going to be at the tea party.

Then they were planning what they were going to fix for their babies to eat at the party.

Christopher goes walking into their room holding his T-rex (plastic model) by it's leg. And he announces, "I brought us some dinosaur to eat."

Oh, well for being dainty and having tea cakes and crossaints.... they eat dinosaur at my house!!LOL!!


Jessie at Blog Schmog said...

Cute, cute, cute! Your kiddo's have so many fun ones. :) My oldest is MOST of the time too cool for fun sayings. I caught him this week though.

I can't wait till my little girl is old enough to chime in!

Bunch of Barrons said...

SO funny...haha! :) "The tentacles" had me laughing out loud.

Jenny said...

Your kids are hilarious! Too cute!

Julie said...

Tentacles . . . cracks me up!

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

hee hee... love the "too boy" comment and the dino leg served at the tea party!

Andrea said...

These are really priceless! The 'tentacles' is too much and I love what they're serving for dinner! Happy TTT!