Monday, March 15, 2010

Tiny (and Hubby) Talk Tuesday

Yay!! It's Tuesday!! And here's what I've heard from my kids this week:) And I'm including some from my hubby THIS week:)
We were all sitting around the kitchen table eating dinner, my sweet encouraging husband looks at me and says, "Sit up straight. You look like a basketball when you are leaned over." LOL!!!

Yes!! He did say that and knew INSTANTLY that he would make it to the BLOG:)**************************************************************
While I'm picking on him (b/c he picks on me!!) I'll mention his latest comment. We were talking about the fact that if Nate doesn't eventually flip that I'll have to get a C-section!! I was lamenting on all the reasons I really don't want a C-section and ended with "and I'll have a scar across my stomach".

And yes, my sweet, encouraging "better-half" says, "You'll probably not even notice a scar with all the stretch marks you have." LOL!! Anyway, he's right but I'm glad I have enough humor in me to handle his jokes;)
A younger girl moved nearby about a year ago. Anna and her play outside together most warm afternoons:) I grew up with playmates as neighbors so I've been thankful for this sweet little girl Anna can play with.

I found this note this weekend after the girls had played;) I wonder if Anna even knows what a "BFF" is???

Lydia (3 yrs old) has been telling us during dinner, "I have a good idea..... [she waits for us to respond]... after we eat our dinner, we tan (can) get our jamas on and we tan watch Whittle House on da Prairie!!!"

The cutest thing is that she tells us this NIGHTLY with the same enthusiasm as the night before and the night before that and the night before that one;)

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Jenny said...

Lydia says the cutest things. LOL about whittle house on da prairie.

Andrea said...

Awwwww! We love the whittle house also!
Goodness - the things hubby's say put them in precarious positions sometimes - lol!

MoziEsmé said...

At this point in the pregnancy, I'd think hubby better start watching himself! Too funny...

And my almost 3yo tells me all about her "best friend" who changes depending on who she's played with last. Not sure where that comes from, but BFF will probably make it on the list soon. They pick up on things so fast...