Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Yay!! It's Tuesday!! And here's what I've heard from my kids this week:)

Chris (4 yrs old): "Mommy, you gotta big 'ole tummy.... I like your big tummy, Mommy."

Me: "why?"

Chris: "Because it's got my baby brother in it."

As a preggo-momma whose been asked almost a dozen times now if I'm carrying twins... it's very comforting for those who love me most and have to see me everyday to "like my belly" and for such a great reason!!

After giving Lydia a bath, I followed her into the room to help her get dressed more quickly. She takes off her towel and stands in the middle of the room. She says,"I,I,I,I..... I is cold!"

And of course she had the cutest little expression:) She hammed it up even more when I got the camera.

Lydia asks to takes a picture and points the camera at my belly and says,"Say 'Cheese', whittle brother."

Since Andrea delivered Owen, the kids have heard a few conversations about laboring and babies being born...

So Monday night as Brian was helping with baths I heard Anna ask him, "Daddy, does it hurt to push out a baby?"

Ha hahaaa, LOL!!!


More Tiny Talk Tuesday HERE:)


Jenny said...

So cute! Abby asked me the other day how she got out of my belly. I said that I pushed her out. She got kind of mad and asked why I pushed her! LOL!

Bunch of Barrons said...

I love reading these Tiny Talk stories. they are so cute! Love the picture of Lydia! I always love my freshly-bathed kiddos. They're so yummy!

Andrea said...

So very cute! You just tell Anna to wait a while (a loooooong while) and find out for herself since she'll make such a good little momma!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Say cheese little brother is my FAVORITE - that is adorable!

Is that your "huge" belly? NOT Huge at all - you look great! I am sure you feel big, but you look wonderful in that awkwardly taken shot :)

Drea said...

lol i hope brian was honest and said "yup!" HAHA

VanderbiltWife said...

that's QUITE funny. Especially about the baby saying cheese. So sweet!