Friday, March 12, 2010

Moral Return Dilemma

Brian has had a moral dilemma these last few weeks.... he wanted to know what others thought of it.... LOL!!

While visiting family, Brian saw a digital TV antenna on clearance. Wanting to set-up a "man cave" in the garage with an OLD TV and a digital converter... the TV antenna on clearance was PERFECT!!

When he got his little "oasis" set-up he realized that the TV antennae he purchased needed to be stronger to pick up a few more stations... like the TV in the house can:)

On his next trip to the local Wally World he brought the antennae to the service desk and they gladly accepted the return but wanted to give him $12 more than he paid for it. He was a little taken back by getting MORE than he paid for it so he told them that he would return with the receipt to get the correct amount back!

While looking for the receipt he thought about his dilemma.... was he being silly??

He could MAKE $12 off of Wally World!!

How many times have we returned something and been "offered" LESS than we paid for the item??

What if the item's value did increase??

The return was from his SIDE... he made the purchase that didn't work for his situation. He's glad they were willing to take it back!

Is it honorable or honest to accept MORE than he paid for it??

What do you think?????


On a totally different note, we are heading to the midwives this morning for a check-up!! I really want to post an update and pic.... so be looking for one soon:)


Andrea said...

I think the right thing to do is NOT to accept extra cash for the return. I think that the Spirit guides us to be honest in even the littlest things, like finding cash on the floor (we could pocket it or be more honest and at least ask around).
Who knows - maybe if he tells them they are giving him too much, they will still give it to him? I've had stores do that. $12 may not seem like mich to a large corp but our character is seen by others.
Just my opinion though - I understand the dilemma! :-)

Aliesha & Tad said...

I think he did the right thing! It's similar to what happened to us the other day... as we were walking out of a grocery store, I noticed one of our items didn't get scanned. I went back and had the cashier ring it up so we could pay for it. It was just a few bucks, but it made an impact on her! She's someone we see from time to time when we shop, and I like to think that we can be a testimony even to "big corporations."

Jenny said...

I think it was honorable for him to turn down the money.

If I didn't have the receipt with me, I would have said what I paid and then left it up to the WM person. Most likely they'd just give you the money.

Angela said...

It is the heart that reveals if there is sin or not. I don't think it would be morally wrong, but if Brian feels guilty then he should not do it.

Something simmilar recently happend to to a friend of mine. She bought clothes and food for a person in need. They left before she returned. She took them back the next week and was given $10 back. She thought it was strange and spoke to the customer service person about it. They said the items would sale for that price that day, so she was intitled to it.

If Brian did it in secret with a stick it to you attitude that would be wrong. I think he should be honest and explains what happened. If they choose to give him the money, then I think that's ok.

No amount of money is worth a guilty conscience.