Friday, March 12, 2010

The Cozy Place on Saturday AM & Real-life Homeschooling

Oh, yes!!! We've finally reached the parenting stage where the kids can flip on PBSKids (on a LOW volume) and we can get a few more moments of rest.... let me stress FEW! I was up at 7:30:)

And here's where my snuggly little girl had found to be cozy in with Mommy and Daddy's laps missing:)

Yesterday we headed into town at 7:3O ish and spent all morning running those errands that HAVE to get done.... grocery shopping, doctor's appt, things for the house, and "my favorite" getting the replacement part for my dishwasher (I'm totally spoiled by the dishwasher and washing by hand is getting OLD!).

When we returned home... everyone was hungry and exhausted PLUS we had plans to have dinner with some of our church deacons. To make our evening "work"... everyone (except Dadddy) laid down for a much needed nap:)

On a day like that, WHEN does school get done?????

I always feel bad that we "miss" days of school when we have appts or errands... but I would have NO groceries and none of our errands/projects would get completed!! I guess we could do all that on Saturday... but on a day Brian tries to spend with the family, it would stink to be in the car or running in and out of stores... not quality family time at all. Oh, and many evenings are out b/c of activities OR just getting back sooo late (we have 1.5 of travel time to get to the big town)!

I do have a couple of solutions.... one is to bring our work with us! Another is to do the work when we return home (won't have worked yesterday)! But often times we have Saturday school:)

And so when we get moving this morning, that's what we'll be up to for a little while:) We have a bit of math, a spelling test and writing following a prompt, reading practice and momma reading aloud, and we need to put together our digestive system for our "bodies"!!

It actually sounds perfect for this wet and cloudy Saturday morning;)

I was encouraged yesterday by one of my favorite blogs- Preschoolers and Peace:) Kendra shared a piece of "real" homeschooling in her house!

Have a GREAT weekend:)And don't forget to Spring your clocks Forward tonight!!


Stam House said...

I love your first picture Little lady in the laundry basket Just too adorable!!!

Last year my mother in law (mother of 12 children) they had to skip home schooling (cause 2 of the oldest girls were getting married and there was a lot of preparation to be made) so she make up for the time lost by continuing all trough out the summer.

It's nice that homeschooling is so flexible :-)

3 for Me! said...

we'll bw finishing up history through THIS summer.... but it actually will be nice since our history is based on soo much reading. It will fit nicely into the reading program at the library:)

And we'll continue to work on Science too since we will be ending with plants and tending to our garden.... thought that fits in nicely too:)

I like the flexibility of homeschooling but it's hard to keep it a PRIORITY with all the other activities that have to be done -around the house, at the library, field trips and playdates.

I bet in planning and putting together a wedding the younger kids were still able to learn a lot of very practical skills!

Jenny said...

Cute pic! Some days school just doesn't happen. I am ok with that, because just being out of the house running errands is still a learning experience.

When I know we'll have a long time to wait for an appointment or car travel time, I usually bring along a few worksheets or play games in the car.

Bunch of Barrons said...

So cute...I can't wait to be at that stage. Merrick is still in a crib, so when he's awake the whole house knows it. haha. He's right next to our room, and doesn't seem to understand he can PLAY in his crib when he wakes up. No...I MUST get out of here. ;) Soon I hope. He is good about sleeping till about 8 though! So I really can't complain much. Thanks for the reminder about the clocks!