Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quiet Days

Yesterday Nathaniel was QUIET.... not that he makes noises yet... LOL!!

But he wasn't moving like normal. Just a few times during the day I would feel him turn or whatever he does in there... but no kicks or elbows! Since he's been such a predictable "mover", I was a little more attentive to his movements, or lack of movements.

I'm sure all pregnant moms go through "worried moments"... that's just the role of motherhood (at each stage). But it really got me to think what a blessing every child is and how Nathaniel has already changed our family life. Praying and hoping for a pregnancy for over a year, and then finally hearing his sweet heart beat and feeling his tiny kicks!! It truly brings me to a place of thankfulness to the Lord for each day with each of my 4 kids.

And having the "worried moments" makes me even more aware of my reliance on the Lord for each breath..... each that I have, each that Brian or the kids breathe and each heart beat of Nathaniel's.

Today, Nathaniel has been back to normal. In fact, he's been a little more active today. Even with me walking around a children's museum with the kids this morning, climbing through a McD's playground to "rescue" scared kids and grocery shopping with my three:) He's definitely been trying to participate in all the fun:)

So maybe the "quiet days" and "worried moments" are meant for me .... to reflect again on being thankful for each moment and recognizing WHO is really caring for us all!!

*** Blue picture above was a picture Lydia took of "baby brother" today... LOL!! Actually it's a picture of my preggo belly shirt! But I thought it was fun to share... they LOVE talking about and to their "baby brother"!

Tomorrow afternoon we are off to another prenatal check-up. I think the whole crew is coming along... so that will be fun for all of us to hear his heart beating again. It's also my glucose testing day.... yipppeee!!


Jenny said...

I remember feeling that anxiety about the movement also. We ended up renting a monitor, so I could make sure she still had a heartbeat!

Good luck with your glucose test tomorrow!

Drea said...

im glad he started moving again wed. quiet days do tend to worry me 2... even if i feel smaller moves here and there.

that pic lydia took is actually really cool!

I didnt know it was ur belly tho til i read it :)

Bunch of Barrons said...

That is a great way of looking at it...I remember being nervous sometimes too, when my very wiggly little ones weren't so wiggly. Praying for you and for your little one to stay healthy and strong!

Anonymous said...

I think Lydia has taken the best picture ever of Nathaniel before he will be there with you. :-)

Anonymous said...

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