Monday, January 26, 2009

Vacation!!! And My Bug's Birthday

Can you tell I'm on VACATION!!!!! Ahh, it's relaxing.... sort of! I love being with our in-laws... Brian's family is wonderful:) BUt I don't have as much computer access or time.... which is GOOD...

I'll be back home blogging soo enough!!!

I just wanted to share that we had a GREAT time with Gran-Grandma on Sunday at her home church!! It was nice for all of her family to be joined together:) Her church family and her kids, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, brother, neices and dear family friends:)

AND TODAY is........

Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet angel that was sent from Heaven.
I LOVE the story of my little Lydia.....
Brian and I had our little family in 2007... our little girl and our 5month old little boy!! Ahh, life was busy but sweet as we rejoiced over just "surviving" the "FIRST 3 MONTHS with a newborn" (which I still think is the hardest time, yet, of parenting)!
By the end of April, I had a cold and congestion that I could just NOT shake... I finally had to go to the doctor to get something to get it OUT of my system. Then after a week of medication I traveled with my MOm, my almost 2 yr old daughter and my 5 month old son to see my brother, uncles, aunt and cousins up north!! The entire time I was starving and thristy...LOL
Picking my mom up in the airport I made small talk with other moms that had 3 more children about having more children...LOL
Then we get back home, get settled and have Brian's family visit. And a few days later my family and Brian's family got to celebrate Anna's 2nd birthday! It was a great time and everyone helped soo much.... but I was EXHAUSTED..... I felt like an old woman!!
In desperation, Brian and I decided I needed to visit the Dr! But as a last effort to "self diagnose" I grabbed a pregnancy test......
And we found out we were expecting my "surprise" baby....LYDIA!!
What a blessing this baby has been to us! She is still such a sweet, lovable and happy but spunky little girl! Just tonight she went around and gave us ALL good-night kisses:)
Happy Birthday sweet girl!!
We Love U ,
Daddy, Mommy, Anna and Christopher:)


Anonymous said...

That's really such a cute story. All the very best to Lydia for her whole life!

Devita said...

Oh Lydia, happy birthday sweetie!!!!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Lydia :) Sorry I'm a little late!