Thursday, January 1, 2009

What are YOUR New Year resolutions??

Happy New Year!!!!

So we all are ready for a new year!! I always wonder what the surprises, diffuculties, and blessings of this new year will be......

And some of us TRY to make New Year's resolutions... right??

I think last year I didn't make any because i knew I couldn't keep the ones I wanted to make... what a cop-out!!! So this year I'm going to share my two resolutions. Both are pretty normal ones but BOTH are much needed.

1- I need to be more consistent in my "quiet times" with the Lord. I am thankful that my hubby is a PhD student and a pastor, so we are always having religious and Scriptural discussions. I am often mentally praying through cleaning rooms, washing laundry and doing dishes. And I weekly try to teach my children verses to hide in their (and my) hearts.....

But I need to be more consistent in my OWN walk and prayer life!

2- I need to start exercising..... I feel soo tired and out-of-shape. And I'll be 30 this year.....ouch... so who knows what my super fast metabolism will start to do soon. I think it's important to take care of my body. I already do watch what I eat (need to stop snacking too) , everything in moderation, but exercising is still so important... so I need to do it:)

So my excuse for BOTH of these resolutions in the past has been that I have small children.... I so do have younger kids but I dion't have ANY that need me throughout the night or 1st thing in the morning..... do you see where this is going????

Yes, so I'm thinking I might need to start getting up earlier in the morning to give myself time to exercise, read my Bible, study, pray and then begin cleaning myself up for the day:)

BTW... I'm not a person set of having a devotional time in the morning! But while at seminary I had my "quiet time" in the morning and really felt like it influenced my day. Ummm, how could it not have.... So this has worked for me! I also tend to get distracted during the day.... LOL... so having a set time with less distractions just might work better:)

NOw I just need to start getting to bed earlier:) Oh.... we're NOT early risers... I mean we are out of bed in the morning at a decent time, but we'd rather NOT be....LOL

Here are the kiddies "exercising" with me this morning


Drea said...

hehe... anna no shirt, chris neither...lydia no pants.
they crack me up :-) you and I both... I have got to get an exercise routine established again.

3 for Me! said...

I was getting ready to exercise and they all ran for their shoes.... they did it for about 15 minutes... pretty good attention spans, I'd say:)

Shelley @ SIMPLE Reviews said...

the only way I can keep up with my "quiet time" reading scripture is to get up 20 mins before the girls get up. Then I have nothing but me and Him on my mind!

Anonymous said...

Resolutions for the new year? Well, not really. I had to stop some things I liked in the last fall or about the busy at shop (that's when you work in a bookstore, overtime during December and all social things come to stop lol) and I have decided to go back to them in the new year. But I did not really plan them as new years resolution. One is to go back to gym, reading before going to bed and stay better in touch with my pen-friends. Oh, and doing some more entries at the blog LOL. So what do you think? Am I having new year resolutions?

Stacey said...

How about getting on the trampoline with your kids? That'll give you a good workout!

I honestly need to move to a warmer climate. In summer I have no problem going for super long walks, and getting exercise in other ways. Winter just really brings me down.