Saturday, January 17, 2009

GIrls Night!!!

Well the girls and I went out and we made a NIGHT of it:)

First we had our pedicures locally.... PHEW!! I had to bring in soem of my childbirth breathing.... except I was soo distracted by the girls I never could relax enough...... I actually had tears rolling down my face... which made everyhting soo much funnier.

I seriously don't let ANYONE touch my feet... they are extremely ticklish!! Anyway, when that poor lady tried to scrub my feet I just about lost it.... the girls got a good giggle in. I'm just glad all cameras were thought to have been left in the car:)

Then we headed out of town to the Japanese Steak House.... yummy for the mouth (kind of tough on my belly). It was fun and great to be eating a dinner without worrying about food allergies or what food was hitting the floor;)

Then we made a quick run to Target:) Too bad it closed at 10pm and they had to run us out then :(

WE had a good time, many laughs, many parenting tips shared and much encouragement!!! I praise God for these other young, pastor-wife moms:) And we pray little Josiah comes health and soon:)

Love ya ladies!

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Jenn said...

Awww, looks so fun. That is a great pic capturing the moment!

So glad you gals got a night out.

I sure need one too, lol! Won't be getting one anytime soon as I will be by a little girl's side.

Miss you!