Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Surprise Sucess in the Potty Training SAGA

Well potty training truely has been a saga and a great test to me; my consistency and perseverance.

But these last 2 or 3 weeks Christopher and Lydia have determined that they wanted to be potty trained. In the morning THEY take off their diapers and put on BBP or BGP pants! And we have puddles sometimes (usually in front of the potty) and a couple of dirty accidents since we haven't quite mastered THAT yet.....

I've determined NOT to make it frustrate or stress me :) I'm soo thankful that THEY are both taking the initiative right now... which is a LOT better than me "dragging" a fussy kid to "Try" to potty every 15 or 20 minutes (I know it works for some... but not for us!).
I think a lot of my "system" was confirmed by reading the new Duggar Family book.... a lot of "how" I've tried to potty trained what how they finally found worked for them. SO when the kids grabbed the underwear I had a little more confidence and I just decided to "go with the flow"... encourage and help, but remain positive and adjusting to their pottying needs....LOL

And I have been allowing the kids diapers when they ask for them. I AM NOT going to push my potty training agenda and have them get constipated like we had with Anna..... so it might take a LOT longer.... but we have plenty of time and we can make it an encouraging time instead of stressful like it was when we first tried:)

Anyway, with that background information.... I'll share with you what happened last night/this morning.....

Last night I got Chris in his PJs with his BBP (since that's what he wanted). After we read our books as a family we sent Christopher to bed. Brian went to tuck him in and finished off the bedtime routine:)

This morning all the kids eventually woke and came to couch where we try to catch what we can of the daily news! Lydia jumped up and said she had to go potty, so I followed her into the bathroom to assist when needed:)

Christopher comes running in and yanks down his britches and goes potty??? Hmmm?? Where is Christopher's diaper from last night??? Brian and I looked at each other and realized we DIDN'T put a diaper on Christopher....LOL

My little man had worn BBP all night with NO accidents.... amazing!!! It's tempting to let him do it again.... hmm, we'll see:)


Stacey said...

Way to go Christopher! Woohoo! Bria wore BGP for the first time today... :)

Jaime said...

That's great!!! I am in the process of PT ethan...