Monday, January 5, 2009

Where did we get YOU??

During some of their silly times, I'll jokingly ask the silly kiddo "Where did we get you?"

Usually they just shrugg their shoulders.... Anna has said before "from your belly" or "from God". But Christopher usually shruggs and giggles... because he KNOWS he is being silly!

Tonight he was a "tad" hyper as Brian was getting his Pjs on. And I asked the question....

He responded "Canada!" And then he did this next..... you HAVE to watch it...

Isn't he a hoot??? He is saying, "I come from "canaga" and then his little dance, point and snort!! What a cutie....

***BTW.....Before you think I spend my days teaching my 3-yr old geography.... let me remind you that we did spend almost a week in Canada last summer on our missions trip.

Our trip to Canada was definently a highlight of mine from 2008!! Sure it was a little crazy to think that I was bringing my 3 little ones (4 and under) on a missions trip. But the trip was laid back enough and we worked with kids that it worked well to have our family together on the trip:) And it's very rewarding to see that my little ones still remember pieces of the trip.... like Niagra Falls and the place Canada!!!

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