Monday, January 12, 2009

And you thought YOUR kid was talented...

(although Anna did SHOW him) Christopher decided to entertain himself on the way home from the park on Saturday by licking then sticking his fruit snacks on his chin.... Nice gotee Buddy!

It was soo funny how much concentration he put into getting them to stick and then how once they stuck he'd go back to watching the DVD player....LOL ... I was cracking up and GLAD I wasn't driving so I could take a photo of him!!

What's one of your kids "unique talents" that makes you crack up???

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Drea said...

Nice :-)
Caleb would do that if it didnt result in sticking fingers :-D

Calebs talent.. uh... he can find me anytime im on the phone and be overly loud?

Taite pee'd today standing up. and not just on the ground.. he was standing ON TOP of the toilet... feet apart... bowl under him.. pee'd straight down :-)