Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

With all the traveling, visiting and celebrating birthdays... we didn't want to "forget" Brian's Birthday!! We've actually been celebrating a little each day since Saturday at Gran-Grandma's house:)

With dinner and a movie with Scott and Bea. To shopping with me on MOnday afternoon:) Then Rice Kripie treats from his Momma on Tuesday as we headed home. He even enjoyed an McDonalds Apple Pie on the way home!!

Today the kids and I made him some muffins with lunch and sang Happy Birthday to him again:)

I have another surprise for Brian..... he has known I about it for over a week now but he DOESN't know what it is....LOL... He thought it was a blog about him and so he checked the blog all morning waiting for it...

So the birthday will go on until he gets his "secret" gift! Right now I'm just waiting for those responisble for it to complete it and get it to me..... but that it alll I can reveal until it comes... it really isn't a BIG deal... it's just NOT often I can "Surprise" Brian without him knowing about it!!!!

Anna and Brian June 2008
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Happy Birthday!!!
We love you!!!


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday!

Brian said...

I love you, too. I love this family God has blessed me with. They are more than I deserve. (Now, what is my surprise!)

Bea said...

I know, I know, I know! I know what the surprise is!!!! Happy Birthday Brian!!! hope you had a great day!