Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Winter Wonderland Walk

So after tracking up all the snow in our yard, the church yard and the backyard, the kids decided to go for a walk in the snow:)

We found "animal" prints... probably one of the many roaming cats in the area...LOL! They wanted to visit the pecan grove (AKA the lot behind the church)

Although I warned them it would be really hard to find pecans under the snow, they went hunting anyway! This is a fun pic showing them walking/running almost in a row according to age:) Precious memory:)

And this is what you do when you're hungry and Mommy can't make a snowman with the fluffy snow..... you EAT the carrot! LOL!

All three had some carrot to munch on and they asked for more when we got inside... I guess I don't have to wash, peel and cut it up anymore :)

We enjoyed our second day in the snow!! After naps we peaked outside and saw that MOST of our "winter wonderland" had melted.... Bye SNOW :(... we had fun while it lasted :)

And this weekend we are off to see family down south:) And celebrate Gran-Grandma's 100th birthday!!! And Lydia's birthday and maybe blow out some candles for Brian, too!!

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