Friday, January 30, 2009

The Electric Toothbrush

After our last (in Nov) visit with Brian's family, Anna started begging us to for a unusual request! An Electric Toothbrush???

This is strange because we DON'T have one in our house. But she had seen Uncle Scott's toothbrush. We asked Uncle Scott and he said that he doesn't travel with his powered toothbrush..... but Anna told us that she saw Uncle Scott using his toothbrush at Grandma's house in the bathrooom:) LOL

During a couple trips to Wally World Anna had spied out the toothbrush that she wanted... some kind of Bratz variety... great? She talked to Grandma and they decided during our last visit that they would try to find the toothbrush she wanted:) Gotta LOVE Grandmas and Grandaddies:)

Last Thursday, after pulling up at Grandma's house, Anna immediately tells Grandma, "OK, Grandma, lets get my carseat in your car so we can go to Walmart and get my toothbrush!" ha hahaaa

Needless to say, Anna did get her toothbrush. But she ended up getting Hello, Kitty which is much cuter:) And she was eager to demonstrate to everyone HOW she brushes her teeth with her electric toothbrush:

It was just another example of how MUCH our kids are watching us!! And all the little things that can influence them.... at least this time it's something to keep her teeth clean:)

How many other 4 yr olds are begging for toothbrushes???


Anonymous said...

I saw your comment on the "coopers" blog. I too need to read the "Well Trained Mind" book.


Kate said...

That is a SUPER cute toothbrush! I just might need one for myself!! Looks like her front top gums will be EXTRA clean. ;)

Drea said...

We had an auto one for caleb last year.. but it is so expensive to replace the tooth brush head that we opted not to use it after the 1st brush haha.. but we still have it :-)
I did think it made it easier for them to clean.

Anna sure liked brushing her front gums LOL

Beatriz said...

Very funny! love Anna's laugh!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Well, of course it is great that Anna asked for a teeth brush...and I do not want to destroy this. But (!!!) using an electric teeth brush the wrong way, it can destroy your teeth and more important the gums, which will made the teeth falling out. I did not know this before I was told by a dentist nurse about 3 years ago. Like everybody I thought it is better to use the electric one at least once a day as it cleans better. But you really need to know how to handle it and it should not have any contact to the gums. i think as long as Anna do not have her "real" theeth it maybe will not destroy too much. But if she will keep on using it you should talk to her and find a dentist who will show her how to use it right. Okay? Please don't mind me telling you this. I just want the best and as I said I did not know it before I was told, too. It should not be a reproach only a help. By the way my new dentist is completely against the electric brushes, I am using another special kind of hand brushes. But this is another story.