Monday, January 5, 2009

They Listen...

We have been finding Christopher laying in the ground he's not sick....He's working through his Bible story.... you see little boys are listening to our lessons when they are fidgeting and moving around!!

And WHAT/WHO is Christopher pretending to be!!

Well I found him I asked, "Christopher, are you ok??"

He answered, "Mommy, I am hurt. A little boy hit me with a stone."

Knowing he was pretending I decided to continue.... "So, what is this little boy's name?"

Christopher answers, "David."

"And what is your name?"Chris answered,"Goliath." Of course!!!!


Drea said...

Caleb ALWAYS wants to be Goliath!! we're like "hes the bad guy!" CALEB THINKs thats cool. But tonight he told me he was part of the army.. the philistine army LOL..

He has a new bible story DVD w/ goliath and david.. they are really good. You should borrow one some day.. We have 3 I believe. All different bible stories.

Stacey said...

That is Rowan's favorite story too! Except when he's being Goliath, he's very mean and growls at you and says 'I'm Goliath. I'm big and scary!' Funny how little boys just love that story!