Friday, January 23, 2009

I LOVE Family Restrooms

With having young children, using the restroom while we're out is always..... hmmm fun?? LOL

Seriously. I have one Momma, one totally potty trained girl, one in-training boy and one little lady wanting to "try"!! All that "fun" can't happen in a itty bitty bathroom stall.... although it has before...LOL

There is nothing so welcoming to young families than "family restrooms" at our favorite stores and malls!! Although I'd never admit LOVING Walmart, I do love the family restroom at our new Walmart. Since we've been training Christopher, our Walmart's family restroom has been a "must" at each visit!!

Besides the space, family restrooms also have a little "big" potty (if that's possible). The kids LOVE sitting on the little potty just like MOmmy!! They actually ask to go first to sit on the potty... talk about motivation! And Mommy likes that there is more than one potty so everyone can have a turn more quickly:)

We also like that many has TP for the little potty and a lower sink for everyone to wash their own hands versus the taller sinks that the kids can't even reach:) With soo much to do and everyone occupied I have fewer corrections!

Today at Grandma and Grandaddy's mall, they had a beautiful family restroom.... it was soo cute and the kids were eager to "go potty"!! Ahh, a family friendly place and no soaked pants!!!

Yay for Family Restrooms!!!!

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DiPaola Momma said...

It is pretty telling that the best thing about Walmart is the potty! Makes me think the rest of the place is.. um..cover the little ones eyes..poop! I don't heart Walmart but every now and then they are a necssary evil.

WELCOME to the Nuggets! I'm honored you chose to follow my blog. Good luck in this weekend's contest for the coupon system inserts.. HEY go look in my posts and links for the Woo-Hoo giveaway. I KNOW that ADORABLE family of yours would have fun if they one that one!